not just a num9er

welcome to not just a number

Thanks for stopping by, we're a Hong Kong based consultancy that offers individuals, brands and businesses
a one stop shop solution to better themselves whether it be from a simple re-design to re-inventing a whole new them!
We get it and more to the point we've been there and done it over and over again.

Our expertise and experience spans decades, different countries and cultures and many different industries.
We'd like to think we help most and at the same time enjoy it, seriously whats that point if you don't enjoy what you do...


How it started...

After working for people around the world, you forget that you're capable of going it alone and succeeding, normally take a friend or loved one to spell it out to you, after such a moment "not just a number" was born. We choose to work for amazing brands and clients that want that amazing idea and aren't worried to go that extra mile or try something new. Our world is ever changing and its about time we do the same, join us today


How we do it...

Its pretty simple - We listen, research, think, think again, execute and finally analyse. Trust us there aren't many out there that can do all the above and do it well, as once said having a fantastic idea is great but it all depends on how you execute it and bring your ideas to life. We have the ideas and at the same time can take your ideas to heights you've never thought of... give us a shout and listen to our passion


our passion

we get a kick out of creative,
clever and clean approaches
to everyday problems.
The world is already
cluttered with crap...